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About WSN


Over 85,000 student athletes participate in high school athletics in the state of Wisconsin every year. WSN WISCONSIN SPORTS NETWORK is an integrated publishing company with a focus on these student athletes, their communities, families, friends, fans and coaches. Founded in 2002, we have successfully integrated both print and online mediums to give their audience a unique and highly popular variety of quality content.

In the winter of 2012, SportsEngine acquired WSN. Through their support, synergies and technology we hope to expand our reach and offerings in high school and youth sports in our fine state. The SportsEngine sports management software powers over 6,000 sports organizations across the globe, from local youth leagues and associations, to large groups like USA Hockey and USA Wrestling, to media properties like and Numerous high school athletic departments in Wisconsin use the SportsEngine platform, along with the Trailways, FVA, and Greater Metro Conferences.

Internet Publishing
We currently publish, the most popular high school sports site in Wisconsin. In addition, our site is one of the top five independently run high school sports sites in the nation.

Our initial launch was on November 18th, 2002 and consisted of a high school basketball website It quickly became the number one resource for high school basketball information in the state of Wisconsin. Since we have added several other WIAA sports and have accumulated:

- 300+ million page views
- 1,000,000+ unique IP addresses
- Bookmarked over 2,000,000 times

Traditional Publishing

The Boys Basketball Yearbook produced by Mark Miller has become quite a tradition in the state. Featuring player rankings, schedules, rosters and much more it is going on its 32nd year. Content that was previously in the Gridiron Guide, Girls Basketball Yearbook, and WSN Illustrated print editions in the past has been moved online in recent years.